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Discount Web Hosting Awards

Discount Web hosting is hosting at $10 or less a month, and the Discount Web Hosting Awards is one of a series of Web Hosting Awards which bring you the pick of the most popular and highest-rating Web hosting sites on the Net today.

  Yahoo! Web Hosting   The No.1 global Internet brand, and the Internet's leading global business services company Yahoo!, is also one of the leading suppliers of Web hosting for businesses and professionals.
Their Web hosting packages are very well featured, with large amounts of disk space and data transfer included as standard. But the features that set Yahoo! apart come in their package of easy-to-use tools and infrastructure that allow you to build a professional web site for your business, like the Yahoo! SiteBuilder software.
As well as the traditional methods of publishing a Web site Yahoo! offers their SiteBuilder 2.0 program which comes with a large number of customizable templates, or allows you to design your own with it's easy-to-use tools. This exceptional tool allows anyone, even without experience, to build a highly professional Web site.
All Yahoo!'s Web hosting plans include an email management function, which features unlimited email storage and virus and spam protection. Their hosting packages include a generous amount of email addresses as standard.
Well featured packages, professional results from easy to use tools, and a high degree of flexibility is what has put Yahoo! Web hosting at the top of the list for many businesses, and has made them one of the leading suppliers of Web hosting in this sector.

1&1 Web Hosting is the world’s largest web host. Their global community is 8 million customer contracts strong and 2,500 new customers sign up every day, making them the leader in the Web hosting market. 
Why? They recently invested $25 million in their data center IV and have 18,000 Mbit of connectivity to the internet, and have a reputation that their hosting clients never leave, not only because their products and prices are exactly what people want, but also because they are extremely reliable hosts, and pride themselves in quick, uncomplicated service.
At the same time we are looking for value in this host review, and their products are very much geared to what Web developers want today with extremely well featured packages starting under the $10 price point.
So if a competitively priced package from the Web hosting market leader, with rock solid reliability, stability and service sounds attractive to you, then 1&1 is the benchmark to measure the rest of the hosting marketplace by.

HostRocket offers good value with it's reseller plan, which when paid monthly, is available for $8.99 a month, or less when you pre-pay. This plan has unlimited storage space, unlimited domains, and comes with free site backups. And it has an impressive list of advanced features like Web based stats, cgi and perl support, php, mySQL and unlimited subdomains just for starters.
Whether you would like to host all your domains at once or resell for a profit this is a good offer from a quality host with an emphasis on uptime and customer service. 

These top 20 picks for discount web site hosting show some quite diverse offerings, with each host having it's own strengths and focus. For that reason it can be worthwhile looking through the whole list of discount hosts, because a different organization's offering may be just the niche that suits you best.

If you still want more Web hosting links after visiting this top 20, the Web Hosting Awards have top 20 listings for all segments and price brackets of the Web hosting market.

I hope the discount Web Hosting Awards takes you to what you are looking for in the growing world of discount hosting online. And, if you did find this top 20 listing useful, please remember to bookmark the page, it may be the only reference for discount hosts you'll ever need.

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